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Mic on Laptop does not work but works in Sound Settings


I have had an issue with my laptop (that I have been using Zoom on for a long time).  Recently the built in Mic stopped working.  I checked the settings in Win10 and it is properly selected there as well as in the Zoom App.  When I look at the Mic in "Sounds" on the Win10 settings, I see the Mic working.  When I Test the Mic in the Zoom app it does not work.  I have the proper Mic selected, but notice that the slider next to the mic on the Zoom app does not move and it is set to minimum.


I fixed this once, by re-installing the Zoom software.  When it failed again, I tried the same thing and that did not fix it.  Rebooted, etc, to no avail.


I saw another post here about permissions and see that  everything there looks ok too. 


Any ideas?  


Thanks, John