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Meetings keep shutting down after 40 minutes


A few months ago I noticed that my meetings were getting shut down after the 40 minutes. It didn't happen on all calls I was making but enough. After looking, I discovered that my account somehow now says that it is a basic account. I checked with my wife who pays all the bills, and she verified the money has come out of our account for the premium service. 


I'm now trying to reach out and get assistance but keep being told my account is a basic account and I can't speak to anyone without upgrading my account. I just tried to open a ticket and was immediately sent a message that my ticket had been closed because they are unable to assist.


I'm at a loss of what to do next to get this resolved, everything I do to try to get support leads me to "you have to upgrade", despite the fact that money keeps coming out of my account.


Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

Hello @Tjphilbrook - Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about this. Can you log out and log back into your desktop client as shown below?
P.S: You can download Zoom Desktop client using this ~> link.




This has been happening to me, too, and I teach several courses on Zoom. A major problem and I am licensed, as well. The money also keeps coming out of my account. Who do we call do get this handled quickly?