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Meetings from my account is stuck to phone audio only, on any computers. HELP !


When I create a meeting, people and myself are obligated to connect with a phone. Even if the speakers and the mic is selected in the settings and the tests are working.


My speaker and mic work if I am invited into someone else's meeting. 


This problem persists even If I use my collegues computers so it seems linked to my account.


Mic permissions is enabled in windows 10.


In my Zoom account settings, I set that Computer Audio is to be connected automatically. It does not work. When my meeting starts, a windows pops up with all the phone number available to connect by phone.



I am having exact same issue.  This just started today.   My settings are as follows.

Audio Type

Determine how participants can join the audio portion of the meeting. When joining audio, you can let them choose to use their computer microphone/speaker or use a telephone. You can also limit them to just one of those audio types. If you have 3rd party audio enabled, you can require that all participants follow the instructions you provide for using non-Zoom audio.
Telephone and Computer Audio
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom.  I can use my computer audio Zoom meetings I have not created.   Please Advise. 


I was able to resolve this issue. 

Go to Meetings > Personal Room > Audio.  You can update the setting there.