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Meeting room can't read passcode in HTMl


I have a user on my account that whenever she creates a scheduled meeting via the zoom plugin for outlook 2016, the HTML version is used. All other users, including myself, uses the plaintext version when scheduling meetings from the plugin.

The problem is that our meeting room can't read the passcode when it is in HTML. So she is required to manually type the passcode each time she wants to join a meeting, in our meeting room, that she scheduled. 
Everyone else in the company can join meetings in our meeting room without having to enter their passcode, since the plugin has always used plaintext for them.
When she uses the plaintext version she does not have to enter her passcode.


I tried to go into our branding section to see if I could change the HTML version, but it doesn't seem like I can even edit the HTML version.

Anyone has any idea why her plugin uses the HTML version, and how I can get it to work properly so she doesn't have to type her passcode each time?