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Meeting recording


Simple one! How to set so that ALL Zoom meetings are recorded whether they are hosted on PC / MAc or on a device? All help much appreciated! 



Happy to help...


Go to your settings tab then choose Recordings across the top. 

Turn Local Recording ON

Under Advanced local recording settings, checkmark the box to allow participants to record locally.

Turn Cloud Recording ON.  

Scroll down to where it says Automatic Recording and turn that ON

Cloud recording can only be done by the host.

If you have other participants recording locally to their respective device, I'd recommend they have a desktop or laptop with good memory.  Also be aware that if they are recording locally, the recording will be of their view. By that I mean that if they accidentally are in gallery view for the entire event instead of speaker view, the recording will show the small gallery thumbnail view only.  Be sure they are the right view and know that if they move to a breakout room, the recording will follow them there.  Last thing....I would not trust a mobile phone to be responsible for capturing a zoom recording locally. 🙂