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Meeting from email adds details to the bottom


Hi. We were using standalone Zoom Outlook Plugin for a while (it adds Schedule Meeting button to toolbar in main window and emails). When using that plugin and doing reply with a meeting, it would insert Zoom meetings link and details at the top of reply email.


Recently we have removed this plugin and enabled Zoom plugin coming from M365 admin center. It appeared automatically in Outlook for all users. It only shows + Add Zoom Meetings and Settings in the email window, not in the main window anymore. When user is doing reply with a meeting and presses + Add Zoom Meeting, in this case it inserts meeting link and details at the bottom of email. If this is a long chain of emails, users will have to scroll a lot to the bottom to get to the link. Can't find any setting on user side to change where is inserts meeting details. With Teams it inserts at the top. I wonder if there is some setting on M365 side to change that in add-ins setting or is it just how Zoom developed this add-in or some limitation from MS side?



Please can this be updated. It is a pain to scroll to the bottom of a thread just to cut and paste the invite at the top


I found this post googling how to fix this issue, because I am experiencing the same thing. Is there anyway to fix this? Why can't the meeting be placed where the cursor is?