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Meeting Registration to Recording


Hello! I am not sure if this is possible, and I'm just missing it...but - I am part of a group that hosts a lot of training and professional development sessions (nearly 100 in the last 6 months). This last year we did not require registration for each of our sessions and it turned out to be...a disaster.  If there was a change, we couldn't notify anyone, we never knew how many people were going to come, etc. So, starting in August, we will require registration. However, it would be fantastic if the registration link would turn to the recording or at least provide a link to GET to the recording after the session has taken place. I realize we can make the recording "OnDemand" after, but that still requires me to go into the shared Zoom account and change that setting for each individual session. We do prefer the Meeting option over Webinar because we want attendees to have their cameras on and be interactive. Is there something that will keep me from having to manually do something after each session? Thanks!



@KCross  - I am in the same boat and would love to know a less manual time suck process for doing this!
Hopefully @Zoom provides some type of answer/solutions!