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Magewell to Zoom - Framerate FPS Dropping


Hey all! We have been running a full virtual event setup for a long time now, and I've noticed I am having frames dropped in our meeting rooms (even with HD rooms enabled). 


Signal Flow: Switcher SDI Out > Decimator Converter to HDMI > Magewell HDMI+ > i9 MBP and M1 Mac Mini (all on a 1G Fiber network for streaming multi rooms in house)


Signal being sent looks fine through zoom, but on the receiving end, we're still not getting full 29.97/30 fps at all and it looks like it's sending at 25 FPS instead. 


Anyone have any suggestions? Is there a Magewell firmware upgrade that might fix this? 


Attached is a screenshot from one of our shows (doesn't look 1080p) and saying I'm receiving only 720p even though I'm supposed to have HD rooms =/ 


Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 9.06.47 AM.png