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Live Video Choppy


Our church does a livestream each Sunday.  Our ceiling collapsed and we were forced to move to an alternative location.  We are not able to use our original AV equipment in our new space so I purchased a 20x PTZ camera from amazon, hooked up to our laptop, started a zoom meeting - got a great still picture, but movement was choppy. Figured was the Wi-Fi not having enough bandwidth. Had Ethernet run to the laptop and the choppiness issue was not resolved. People moving are not smooth, but look robotic.  This was not the case with our other system which has Black Magic hardware.  Are there some settings that need tweaked in Zoom in order to resolve the choppy livestream, which wasn't there before or does anyone have any suggestions?  This is a temporary solution for 6 to 9 months until our space gets repaired so just looking for simple fixes to get us through this period.