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Live Streaming in hybrid meeting


Here is the configuration of the meeting I am trying to set up. The Zoom room is fairly large and has about 25 attendees (members). Members from elsewhere (global) are also about 25. The meeting will require any member to be able to talk and video to the rest of the members. To do this each member in the Zoom room, including the Zoom host, has a laptop (or iPhone, Samsung) to allow that person to address all others and for all others to hear, see that person. The remote (global) members also have similar equipment.  There is no general loudspeaker or video camera in the Zoom room. Members in the Zoom Room are seated far enough apart that there is no sound feedback between adjacent positions. The host silences all but the person speaking. Listeners flag if they want reply. Host selects and announces the responder(s).


Will this work? Roughly how far apart do members in the Zoom Room have to be located? I know the discussion time will be cumbersome but I see no alternative. Same happens in multi-person conversations anywhere.