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Live Closed Captioning


I'm a closed captioner.  Live closed captions are not displaying properly.  The chevrons are not starting on a new line.   Is there a fix for this?  



Netttie65 I am part of a UK organisation of live captioners, we are having the same issue, as are others on this forum. I think only Zoom can fix it. It needs fixing ASAP!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Nettie65 @MarionCaptioner welcome to Zoom Community! Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, do you mind sharing the version you are currently running when facing this issue with the Live closed captions? If you are not on the current version of Zoom, suggest updating, as I am running 5.15 today. 


Lastly, would help if you could also share a screen shot of the issue you're facing, thank you!  

Zoom Community Moderator

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Hi RN, the issue with new captions not starting on a new line seems to have been resolved, which is good.


However, now every time a new line is started, Zoom also starts a new caption. This is not ideal, as it means the previous caption sometimes disappears very quickly and it's not enough time to read.


Also the initials of the captioner are still showing at the beginning of each new caption, which is not good.

Sorry I don't have a screenshot to show you.