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Limitation in authorized members for scheduling



just upgraded to Pro, but a little problem for my small organization. Only one of us can schedule a Call, for example Mr. A (admin), so if Mr. B needs to organize a Call he have to use the Mr. A account to organize. But when they are both connected sometimes they get disconnected by the system. I know tha it's not a shame, just want to understand if there's a cheap solution for not buy a "Pro" plan for every member of the organization that wants to organize call longer more than 40 minutes.

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Robert080.


Very few subscription services authorize multiple people to share access to a single account.  Zoom is no exception, and sharing of an account by sharing the account credentials among multiple people is not permitted by Zoom's Terms of Service.


Ultimately, like most services, you have to evaluate whether 2 people use a $14.99/month service enough to justify the expense.  Note that a full year subscription is $149.90 -- twelve months for the price of ten, a 17% discount.


If Mr. A needs to schedule many meetings, and Mr. B only needs a meeting once every other month or so, Mr. A can schedule the meeting on Mr. A's account, and share his Host Key with Mr. B, and Mr. B can initiate the meeting, gain Host privileges (without Mr. B being present), and run the meeting.  See these Zoom Support articles for details on Host Key usage:

This article also has information on how to change the host key, which I recommend about once a month if used frequently.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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