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Lenovo and Camera Issues


I have a Lenovo Ideapad 3 15AREAO5 and am running Windows 10 version 2OH2.

I have gone to settings and given permission for Zoom to use the integrated camera. It gets me in with video, however when I "stop video" and then try to resume video, Zoom gives me a message that the integrated camera is not recognized. In addition, the camera freezes almost every meeting. I have a feeling this is an issue particular to Lenovo. Any suggestions?


Community Champion

Hello csmiley!


Our apologies for the late reply to your thread.  My first thought would be making sure the Zoom Client, laptop OS and drivers are up to date.


You can update your Zoom Client from the home page: Select your Avatar button (Top Right on the Zoom app home page) and scroll down to "Check for updates", or go to


For a clean install you might want to remove Zoom (Add/remove programs in Windows) and then re-download it from our site. (If you have an IT administrator that controls the software you may want to open a ticket with your internal IT team to do this, as well as the following steps below...)


You may want to ensure your Win OS is up to date, and maybe most of all, validate that the camera driver settings are on latest version as well.  Lenovo has this support page for that laptop and camera for driver download:


Again, if you do not have admin control for your laptop it may be best to engage your IT for help with these steps. 


If you are still having issues it may be time to open a Zoom support ticket, either directly or via your IT team.  Here is an article on contacting Zoom support -

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


If this resolves your issue please be sure to like and mark this as a valid answer, and let us know what fixed best guess is its the camera drivers and being on latest Zoom software.



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