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Large number of participants not able to join my Zoom meeting


We hosted a meeting earlier today. Double checked all settings.  We have used the link for other prior meetings without issue. Prior meetings have gone smoothly.


Many of our participants had trouble getting in. After entering name and email, attendees were required to respond to a captcha - which was not required in the settings, nor had that happened before. Then, the message stated that an email would be sent that  - never came.  Please see below for the abbreviated Zoom language:


"You have successfully registered
Please check the confirmation email sent to ____________________ ."


I've been running Zooms for 3 years and this has to be the worse experience we have had.  We had 250 signed up through Mobilize but only about 30 were able to get in via the Zoom link which worked for a select group only.  Luckily, we recorded and will send that out but I don't like inconveniencing so many and want to make sure this does not happen again. 


I paid the extra expense to ensure we had capacity.  


Please advise. Thank you.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @RoseC! I am very sorry to hear that you incurred this issue while hosting your meeting. Because this case is unique to your Zoom account, I would like to suggest creating a support ticket with our tech team to troubleshoot further: They will be able to see the meeting logs to assist 🙂


Thank you!