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Issue with seeing Zoom meeting on my laptop


I use Zoom on both my Lenovo laptop (Windows) and my Chromebook.  I have been having an issue with use on my Windows laptop over the past month when I join a meeting.  I click on the meeting invite I received in email and everything goes through the typical connection process but then once I am connected, the actual Zoom meeting does not appear on my laptop.  It is minimized in the task bar at the bottom of desktop but I cannot maximize it and can only see the person talking.   I have tried restarting my computer and getting back in but the same thing occurs again.  Yet, I don't have this issue when I join a Zoom meeting on my Chromebook.   Has anybody else had this problem and if so, have you been successful in resolving it? 


Thank you.



Hi, @fribot3 

Have you tried signing out of zoom, and signing in again? 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @fripot3 


I would recommend ensuring your Zoom client software is fully up-to-date:


And also that you do not have any Windows Updates pending or Waiting. 


What age or specification is your Lenovo laptop? And do you have any external or additional monitors - or did you ever have any?


Are you logged into Zoom with a user account, or do you just join meetings?