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Issue Regarding AirPlay


My macbook & ipad software are up to date .
I’ve problem using airplay ! After clicking share & connecting the screen mirroring with my macbook air . I’m able to see that I’m actually airplaying . But the people in the zoom meeting couldn’t see . Please help


Community Champion

Hi @xander98 thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! When you share via iPad to your MacBook Air, this is definitely supported. This article walks through examples and some things to watch out for


If your iPad is on Wifi, you definitely want to ensure your MacBook is also on Wifi so they are on the same network. And make sure you are selecting the proper hardware on your iPad, that matches up on the MacBook screen (the Zoom client will show a hardware name for your MacBook when you select share and choose iOS via Airplay)


If you are following the steps and on the same network with the iPad and your MacBook Air, this should work. What happens when you attempt? Do the people on the far end see any change at all?

Another thought is to try sharing something else from your MacBook Air through the Zoom client just to ensure that the far end is able to see you share some type of content. Then try the iOS/iPad share again and see if there are better results?


If this has answered your question to your satisfaction, please click the "Accept as Solution" button below but if not please reply and we can continue the  discussion. Thank you!

I have followed all the steps , I'm using the same wifi . People on the far end sees " XXX has started screen sharing " with a loading icon running . They can't see my shared screen through my ipad 

hi @xander98 ok thank you for those extra details. May I ask a couple other questions:

- are you able to share anything else through your computer? Say you tried to share your desktop or a web browser, would people on the far end be able to see that? I want to make sure that sharing is working through Zoom

- are you possibly on VPN? If so, can you try disconnecting VPN and try again?


Thank you, I look forward to hearing back from you!

Thanks for helping ! I have fixed it by going to the system preferences—sharing—turn off AirPlay Receiver.  I think it is the new MAC OS update which have problem with zoom airplay. 

Ok so it was something in your Mac's system preferences! Great to know it wasn't something on our side as they say. We do work with Mac on updates and releases to help ensure we are tracking with changes they make, but there are some settings you still need to make in the Mac OS preferences at times to ensure functionality.