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Is it possible to capture a recording together with Live Streaming?


Hello! When doing Live Streaming of a Zoom meeting on LinkedIn, is it possible to also do a Zoom recording of it, so that we have the recording file for our own use? LinkedIn captures the event recording but we'd like to have our usual Zoom recording files too.


I've not been able to find a clear answer to this online and, unfortunately, it's not possible to do a "test" event on LI to try this out easily. (LI makes all the events public.)


Thank you!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

In general, recording and live streaming are not mutually exclusive.  You enable each one independently, and this is frequently done. The group from OfficeHours.Global that meets daily at 7am records and livestreams almost every day (some exclusions for Saturday’s Education Hour). 

I highly recommend you schedule a test and try it before a production run. I believe LinkedIn streaming has to be done with a custom feed setup, and I don’t personally know anyone that has done one. 
Instructions I found from LinkedIn seem to rely on Restream to make it happen, but I don’t see any reason you couldn’t go direct from Zoom. Restream is handy if you want to stream to multiple services simultaneously. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Use controls at the bottom of your screen to show the Participants, display the Chat, and share your screen. Click the Record button to begin recording the livestream, which is saved to the Cloud in your Zoom account for viewing after the meeting ends.