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Inviting someone to a scheduled meeting


I went to Zoom on YouTube to try to find out how to send an invitation to a specific person after scheduling a meeting in the future.


It told me to click on COPY INVITATION but after that I'm lost and their directions don't help.


Any direction would be appreciated.  THANX.




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Rick8,


Copying the invitation is used when you want to invite your participant by email. Create a new email and address it to your participant(s). Now you can paste the copied invitation into the body of the email and send it when you're ready. The invitation will contain all the necessary information to join your meeting, including the invite link. Your participant can then click that link to join your meeting.


You can see other ways to invite on our help center article, located here.


Hope this helps!

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Hi @Rick8 

I agree with @vescamilla .


Thank you.



The copy-and-paste function does not work. I copied the invitation and attempted to paste it into my email to the invitee. Nothing happened. The invitation did not paste.  I tried to invite another way using the meeting link.  There is no share button and when I click on the meeting link, it goes immediately to the launch meeting screen and launches the meeting. The actual meeting is scheduled for Friday.  This is frustrating. I can't figure out what is wrong after a couple of hours.