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Invalid Access Token 124 code


I am trying to use the Api to add a meeting registrant but getting the error invalid access token 124 when I do so. My JWT token works for many of the Api calls even the ones that it says oAuth on but not for these{meetingId}/batch_registrants{meetingId}/registrants
Is there any way to use these apis without setting up oAuth?

My end goal is to add and remove registrants via api depending on whether or not they have paid a subscription fee for my website. I have a list of email addresses I want to register but no way currently to add them via the api. Could anyone help here?

Here is some example code that gives me the error rick1990_1-1650331199500.png

note I have replaced the real email /first last name for privacy on this fourm. I am testing using a real account.



Same my issue