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Interpretation on Zoom - Language limitations


Hoping somebody can assist, is there a limit on which languages are available on Zoom when using interpretation?


Based on this link below from October 2022, there are only 15 supported languages available:

Change your language on Zoom – Zoom Support


This seems very limiting.


I have an upcoming meeting which includes some of these languages but also Taiwanese & Filipino. Can this be held on Zoom or would i need to use an alternate platform?


It would be held on a clients Zoom account with Educational licence, not the basic account i'm posting this from. 


Thanks in advance




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @MattK1.


I see your question hasn't been answered yet.  Unfortunately there aren't many people who visit the Zoom Community regularly who might know the answer.


I'd recommend contacting the Zoom Admin for the educational institution and asking them to contact Zoom Support for assistance.


I assume you're talking about the automated translation.  For obvious reasons, there is no "universal translator" that can do any and every language.  Each language's interpretation requires some level of customization, and I'm sorry to say that only certain languages are available on Zoom.


You might consider using the Live Audio Interpretation capability in Zoom, perhaps just for those languages that Zoom doesn't support with auto translation.

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Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

go to the web portal and find the setting page as below,

and search 

Language Interpretation

you can manually add any language you want, it is customized.