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Instead of upgrading my account, I somehow created a second account with the same email address


I upgraded my Zoom account. Instead of upgrading my account, Zoom created a second account with the same email address as the user name. Now when I start a meeting, I don't know which account I'll be using and whether the meeting will have to end after 30 minutes. I would delete the original profile, but I'm nervous about Zoom software quality. (I am sure that I specified a pay-per-month plan, but Zoom charged me for the whole year in advance, which I did not expect and did not intend to consent to.) Now I never know which account I am signing in to when I launch zoom. thank goodness I used different photos for the profiles.


Can I delete my original (free) account with 100% confidence that I won't be deleting the paid account too, and flushing away a year's prepayment? The Zoom chatbot was flummoxed by this question. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi jdhildebrand.


So you have two different Zoom users with the same email?

You can see the type of your license, if it is paid or free, on your Zoom web portal in the Profile section, screenshot attached.