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Include the participant name in the invitation link as zoom does with password


We are a clinic and we organize big meetings with our patients (up to 500 participants).


Most of them are senior citizens and usually are not registered on zoom but use the zoom client to enter directly.


As a result of that,  the names that appears in the meeting do not identified the participant most of the times (ipad of peter, carly, iphone, ...).


We treat to explain them how to rename themself, or that they should register, so we could identify withot doubts a valid participant, but it doesn't work,...   and we dont want  to prevent entry for that reason (we will be alone in the meeting).


We have already identified our patiens in our clinic sistem, so, our idea is to send the link meeting including the name of the participant to avoid problems with identifications in the zoom meeting.


We asked for this modification some time ago, but didn't have answer.


Any help will be well received


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Greetings, @adelgozar! This feedback can be sent to zoom.us/feed! This isn't something Zoom currently supports. To your point, I'd recommend using registration to allow your attendees to register for the meeting so that you can generate a report of who registered and attended. Alternatively, have users create Zoom accounts so that your reports are accurate and you don't miss any report information.


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