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I shared screen (a video) an i couldn't hear the other participants


Today, I was taking class and I had to share screen (a video) from my tablet. When I started sharing the video, and pressed play, automatically, I couldn't hear the other participants anymore, which is a a problem because my teacher was talking, but I couldn't hear a thing or take notes.


How can I solve this?, how can I be able to share a video from my tablet, but still hearing other participants?


I hope you can help me. Thanks


Community Champion

@sergieah I could not duplicate this on my tablet.  Can you please confirm what type of content you were sharing (local video vs. URL), and was there any audio associated with the video?


Hi. I was sharing a video from my gallery. And yes, there was audio associated with the video,

Community Champion

I tested using an iPad, but with the microphone enabled and disabled, and we were able to hear the speaker over the video.  I would recommend opening a support ticket at https://zoom.us/feed to look at your specific situation since there is not much I can do since it should work, and I can't duplicate the problem.