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I'm in the U.S., Can sommeone outside the U.S. connect to my Zoom session?


I have the $14.99/month and I'm in the U.S. Can people outside the U.S. connect to my Zoom session?


Larry LaBelle


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @labelle1947,


Absolutely!  I have people from all over the globe attending meetings and webinars all the time.  I facilitate sessions for clients with an international list of attendees, and there is usually no issue beyond the normal problems here in the US, like someone with poor bandwidth, or problems connecting audio devices, etc.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Hello Larry; I am not sure if you got your answer already but here are some some details to what I think you are asking; unless you disabled it in your portal, Zoom allows for any body to join your meeting, either via regular telephone call, or via a browser and all the callers need to know is to have the meeting details like the Meeting ID and the Password/PIN if you have setup any. 
If what you are looking for are the global list of number where they can call into your meeting, look here:

There are other things you need too consider like in which Data Center your account is (it might not apply to you if it is only US but if you ever come across to join meetings of people in other D.C., here is some documentation that can show you the relationship and limitations of the numbers:

If they join via Browser, typically the URL/Link provided with the meeting will allow to join via VoIP without having to worry about any telephone number; it works quite well even from your mobile with a moderate internet connection if you don't care much about the video.

Last but not least:  Go to your personal Zoom personal portal at , then PERSONAL > PROFILE maybe you should see all the way to the bottom (scroll down) something that says "Transit Data" and there you can "checkmark" other "Transit Data Center" to allow/provide international calling number available to them for a better user experience.

I hope this helps.


Vincenzo C.