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I have current version installed yet can't join a meeting


Using Linux Mint Cinnamon current system.  I have installed the 5.13.....version of zoom.  I am sent a link to join a meeting.  I click on that link and the software opens and tells me that I need to upgrade as the software is not current.  I click on install (just in case my understanding is incorrect) and the green thing goes back and forth once I let it do that for an hour.....

Nothing happened and I still can't join a meeting.

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing and that hasn't helped either.  If I start zoom on my own it says that the version is as above, yet I still get the message to upgrade if I use the link.

If there is another way to join or use the software please inform.  Until getting an account I have been able (4 months ago) to join meetings now I can't.