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I have a paid account, can I set up a meeting over one hour long for others who are not paid




I have a paid Zoom account and I am able to host unlimited meetings.  Can I set up a meeting 

for others and not host the meeting.  Can I assign someone to host the meeting who does not have a paid zoom account?


Thank you,



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer
  • If you turn-off the "Waiting Room" and "Allow participants to join anytime" people can join the meeting you created and meet even if you're not their. Although, nobody in attendance will be the host.
  • If you share your "Host Key" with another or others, they could "Claim Host Control" by providing the "Host Key" under the described circumstances above.
  • You cannot directly assign someone to the "Host" of a meeting you schedule, before the meeting starts. You can looks at options like "Alternate Hosts" to learn more, but these accounts must be under the same billing account.
  • You can start a meeting that you scheduled, and when the designated host of your choice arrives, you can make them the host, and you can then leave the meeting.
  • While a designated host is currently in a meeting that you scheduled, you can not start another meeting at the same time. While they are host it is still tied to your paid account.

Those are the main points I can think of for the time. I'm sure others will contribute more.


Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

As to @ZoomTestKitchen first point, we do have a support article for how to handle this situation: