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I can no longer see when a participant joins a meeting


As of last week I can no longer see when participants have joined my meeting. They are still receiving the message to wait until the host let's you in but I can't see they are waiting to let them in. Once I realised that it was continually happening I suggested they leave the session and rejoin and they all got in no problem and I received the message they were waiting?

Any thoughts why and how I might remedy? 

Also when I am waiting for them to join even though they have said they are waiting it is only displaying as one participant in the meeting?




Im having the same problem over the past 24 hours.  I have just installed Bitdefender Security and wondered if this was related.  My other team members are having the same issue.  I cant let someone into my room if I dont get a notification that they are there! I get an email to say someone is waiting in my zoom waiting room but not ntoficaiton within zoom it self!  Please help