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How to see who joined meeting in the last


How can we see the list of participants in order of their joining time in meeting ?

Can we see who joined meeting in last ?

Participants panel on right side doesn't sort it in the manner


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

For the participant list, here is the order


  1. You
  2. The host (If you’re not the host)
  3. Co-hosts, if any 
  4. Participants with Raised Hands, in order of first raised to last raised
  5. Unmuted online participants
  6. Unmuted dial-in participants
  7. Muted online participants
  8. Muted dial-in phones

The only option that would work to see who joined your meeting last is the Usage Report in Reports. It shows the time joined and left. It is a great report. If this answers your question, please click Accept as Solution