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How can I fix it so others can start meetings without having them provide an emailed code


I am the unpaid secretary of a small association.   We have peer support meetings that various members are trying to start at various times of the month.     The facilitators are having problems starting meetings.   Every time they start a meeting, someone has to be present to access the association's email address and send them the stupid email confirmation code.   As an unpaid volunteer secretary who travels a great deal, I can't be available every time a meeting starts to get the code to the facilitator!   Then, if the same facilitator is somewhere else with a different IP address, the same problem happens.   Our members are really hating Zoom at the moment.   We just had another meeting fail this morning as well, because, inexplicably, Zoom asked for a passcode to enter this specific recurring meeting, whereas it hadn't before in the past, so all that was sent out was the meeting link.  ):<


What is this crap, Zoom?   Someone can respond with spammy links?