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Hosting a meeting - I can hear them they cannot hear me?


Any idea why after hosting multiple meetings on zoom all of sudden my microphone is no longer working? 

I have an ASUS Vivobook windows 10- I have gone into the system to make sure the microphone is working- it is- but in the zoom meeting it is not- Has something changed? 



Make sure you are signed into the zoom app so it is using your previously saved settings. Zoom loves to sign you out after some time and then the settings you had will not be applied. 


If you are signed in, go into settings and check the audio settings to make sure its using your preferred device.

thank you I will try that- 

@Bp5  Any Luck?

This did not work for me



On May 22, 2022  I attended a Zoom meeting and no issue. On May 23 I hosted a Zoom meeting with one attendee and I could hear and see them but they could see me but not hear me. Geek Squad checked my system and everything seems OK but this issue still exists. Does anyone have any assistance they can offer, it would be so appreciated. Diane C.