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Host's video freezes


Am using a Windows 10 PC with an Intel i7 chip. I update my Zoom software regularly. A few times in the past month during a meeting I'm hosting, my video and controls freeze, although participants can still hear me. Screen sharing seems to be the trigger.  Fortunately the problem resolves itself after maybe 20-30 seconds. 


Other hosts I know have experienced the same issue since late summer. Some had to reboot their computers, since they could not exit Zoom nor did their system unfreeze. When they left the meeting,  Zoom assigned a new host and continued it, so the former host was able to rejoin after they rebooted. 


What's the fix? Is there any way to regain control of the controls when a host freeze occurs?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @fritman99 


Does this problem seem to happen after some time in the Meeting - like after 30-45 minutes, or an hour - or can it happen any time?


Since covid, I have been sharing movies with friends.  I also have an i7 chip.  Although a fast machine is critical, I think the more important factor is whether your internet is fast or not.  Everyone I know who had a slow internet has experienced lots of freezing.  My internet is fast and no one has complained about me freezing or my videos freezing.


I have had this same problem on three webinars I have hosted in the last three weeks. I'm running Windows 10 and have successfully hosted more than 100 webinars over the last two years with never a problem, until this month. The same thing happens each time: About 20-30 minutes into the webinar event (ours last an hour), my host panel starts to degrade. First I won't be able to click on the icons at the bottom of the screen, but I can still see/hear the panelists. Then after another minute or two, I can't click on the chat or the participants window. Then ultimately I cannot close the Zoom window or end the webinar. The only solution is to completely restart my computer. Fortunately this does not crash the webinar because I have co-hosts and hosting duties automatically pass to one of them when I restart my computer. But it's still a huge problem because often I can't reboot fast enough to rejoin the webinar before it ends. 


BTW this is *not* an issue with my Internet, which is high speed and does not fail.


Anyone know why this might be happening and what I can do about it?


I teach online fitness classes.  I have been doing this since May of 2020 and have never had an issue with video until January of this year.  I read about the problems with screen flickering and turning green and unchecked the "optimize video quality" setting as instructed.  This worked for a week or 2.  The problem I've now started having as of the past few weeks, is that my video freezes as soon as I let participants into the room.  I can record a class with no participants and the video is fine for a full hour class, but when I teach a live class and participants join the meeting room, the video freezes almost immediately.  Sometimes it only freezes for a few seconds and then comes back, but by the time we are 10 minutes into a 1 hour class meeting, I am completely frozen.  They can hear me but cannot see me.  I have not changed my internet service and it is high speed.