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Host for many meetings set up and leaving company


Hi there,

I am an event's coordinator for a college and have set up many meetings/events through Zoom from now until December. I have my settings set to record and to gather attendance for these meetings. Once I leave my company, my email will be deactivated. Will my co-hosts be able to open the events, even though I was the one to set it up? Wil my co-hosts be able to access the recording and attendance information? This information doesn't normally go to them. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

If you set your co-hosts as Alternative Hosts, they would be able to still access the meetings, but recording and reports are only for the original host. That is all assuming your college keeps your Zoom account active as well. 

It would be best to designate someone to inherit your meetings and recordings, inform IT of this users, and IT can delete your profile and transfer all scheduled meetings and recordings to their Zoom profile.  

I have a similar situation.  Our executive assistant is leaving in 3 weeks.  Her replacement starts on 1/24/22.  Recurring  Zoom meetings have been scheduled.  When you say "inform IT" is it Zoom IT or my company IT?