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Hear me speak, but no music (mine or a shared screen)




Hopefully someone can help. We do a karaoke Zoom meeting every Saturday (since 2020). On February 27, everything worked fine. I have a Bluetooth Speaker paired to my laptop. I run the Zoom meetings on same laptop. No problem at all, people heard my music when I sang and when I stopped. 


March 1, I didn't have my speaker or webcam, so tried to do the karaoke meeting with just computer sound. They heard me talking fine, barely heard the music, even if I put my Ipad right to the computer mic. 


Tried again on March 8. New Bluetooth Speaker, new mic. Tried they heard me speaking clear and loud enough. Tried the music. They couldn't hear it and my voice cuts in and out. Tried pairing with my phone, music cutting out. There's a spot to plug into the Bluetooth speaker, same thing. Tried different laptop, same thing. Even tried singing through a shared screen... I could hear the music playing, but it cuts out for the people in the meeting. 


As everyone is saying... it's been since March 1. I've checked. Got the most current version. We worked for an hour last night and never go anywhere. Had the Musician sound on, everything is set up like the people who it works for. What was weird is I put just a song up from Amazon Music and it couldn't be heard either.


I've been on other karaoke Zoom meetings and some people have to share music. I've never had to do that, nor where to do it (I looked). The only thing I can say that's different from February 25 to March 1 is a different Bluetooth speaker, missing my webcam for a mic and I used my monitor for running the music and laptop for the Zoom Meeting.


What am I to do to fix this?!?!?! At least I'm not the only person in the last three weeks to have the problem but there should be a fix for something that just happened. Was it something in the newest version? Can I go back to an older version?



I am having the same problem. My friends and  I have been using zoom since 2020 and sing on karaoke. No problem, We could hear the singer and the karaoke music fine. It all changes around begining of March. Now I hear the singer but not the karaoke music. Even the singer's voice goes in and out. It has to be with some upgrade zoom did. It is very frustrating. I sent an email to Zoom. They told me to select Original Sound fro Musicians in the Audio settings. I did that and it did not help.

I am pretty sure other users are having the same problem. Hope we can find a solution. I have sent another email to zoom. 


This from another thread:


You have to turn it on in your settings and then again click on original sound for musicians off in the top left hand corner and then it turns on.  Very counter-intuitive but it works!


:(((  As above, I am valiantly attempting to HEAR and RECORD (as the host) sounds such as bells ringing, clapping, toning, chanting.  Here is some technical info. I am on an up-to-date macbook running safari.  No matter that in my profile I set the audio options as shown below, the "original sound for musicians" is gratuitously turned off for each session.  Adding insult to injury, even when turning it on, only a portion of the audio can be heard in vivo or on the recording.  WTF?  Then, further, although a paid Zoom subscriber for my profession, when I called support I learn I do not have live support.  Has anyone solved this problem? 

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 12.56.10 PM.png


I am also having the same problem. When I am Playing the Karaoke track on Mobile phone or Laptop (Share screen) and singing the song, only my voice is reaching the other participants and the track music is not going. I have tried all types of different audio settings on Zoom but no success.

Can anyone please help me.