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Headphones and Earbuds Ruined by Zoom Meetings


I had a pair of headphones and earbuds, both which worked perfectly. However, for both, when I used them in a Zoom Call, they both became distorted; in other words, if I watched a YouTube video, everything was high- or low-pass filtered except a few wavelengths. It seems like the sound settings set for Zoom calls transferred to beyond the meeting and onto other applications; even when I uninstalled Zoom, the distorted sound still stuck to the headphones and earbuds. The stereo sound on the computer is untouched, but it is when I plug in the devices I used in the Zoom meetings that there is sound issues. This is not an issue with my hardware, since I have a second pair of headphones that still work (headphones which I have not used in a Zoom meeting). Can someone explain to me how I can fix my earbuds/headphones, and remove these "sound restrictions"?


I have found nothing online that matched my issue. 


I am on Windows 11. I am using an Alienware x15 R2.