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Handover account to successor


Hi, I am using a Zoom-Account (payed) as a leader of a group of patients of a neuronal Desease (Restless Legs Syndrome). I'll give up this engagement at the end of 2024 and my successor will continue my work. Because of a reorganization of these groups, she needs a new Mail Address.


My questions:

* I can change the mail address and the (persons) name of my Zoom account, right?

* Will all repeating meetings keep their Zoom-Link, if I do that?


The most sigificant problem:


I have another Basic Account, subscribed by my customer. When I change the picture in one of the two accounts, it changes in both. How can that be? These accounts are not linked among each other, they use different mail-addresses. Only the Name of the person is the same. How can I destroy this "invisible link"?


Thanks for helping me




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @rls-bergedorf.


I'll deal with the group leader succession issue for you.  Accounts other than personal, individual accounts, require a little extra knowledge to administer, especially when transferring ownership.


In many cases like this, the new leader will have a new email address that is used just for this organization's purpose.  If that is the case, see if the person already has a Zoom account for that purpose; if not, have them register for a Basic/free account.  Then, from the user account you have (which should be an "owner" of the organizational account), invite them to join your organizational account with their organizational-use email.  Once they accept the invitation, transfer the Pro license over to them, make them an Admin, them make them the Owner of the account.  Then, decide if you should retain a Basic user account on the Organizational account.

The details of these processes are given in the following Zoom Support articles:

Reach out to me if you need additional guidance or assistance.

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