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Gesture Recognition - stuck ON (can't turn off)! :-/


Has anyone had it where the newest updates (5.13.7+) make your Gesture Recognition stuck ON?


I've tried to toggle the option (menu caret next to GESTURES in bottom menu bar) to ON (checked), then OFF (unchecked)...and no matter what I do, the Zoom client will recognize my hands and change them to large "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" cartoonish emoji handshapes - full palm, Index finger (light bulb), Thumbs-Up,  and Peace.


I cannot turn them off OR on:

1) In a Zoom meeting,

2) Through the Zoom settings (in windows app, currently with ver. 5.13.11), or

3) Through a browser (Chrome, logged into!


I need to find out HOW to turn the emojis OFF, as I use sign language (ASL) in Zoom meetings!  People can't understand me if my hands flash into freakishly cartoony emoji hands!  HELP!!!!