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Focusrite Scarlett timing out, producing feedback loop for up to 1-2 minutes


Hi, I teach singing over zoom. I use a Focusrite Scarlett with my SM7B microphone with a MacOS 10.15.7. Every so often, maybe 30-45 minutes in to an hour lesson, there is a problem with the audio. It seems to timeout. I cannot hear anything, and my student gets a 'feedback loop' - a clip of a second audio repeating over and over. There's nothing either of us can do to stop it except end the meeting and restart, or wait for 1-2 minutes for it to stop. At this point, I get a notification that zoom is no longer using the Scarlett for audio but my built in output. Then immediately is connects again to the Scarlett and it all works fine.


It stopped happening when I upgraded to premium zoom a few months ago but is now back with a vengeance.


Please help! It's so unprofessional. Thanks.