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Feature? Alert Host when 5 minutes remains in scheduled meeting


To keep a healthy remote/hybrid environment, it's good practice to end a meeting with some time for folks to stretch, use the restroom, etc. You can call this "Meeting Norms". Without technical assistance, this is hard to enforce. It would be great if there were a way for zoom to notify the host that we've hit our established meeting norms (if we want to make the time customizable) or to blanket, at least, notify when there are 5 minutes left. 


If there's a way to do this now, I'd love to know. Otherwise, I'd love to formally request this feature.



Hi @mchavis , this is a great idea! Have you found a solution you'd be willing to share? Thanks.

No, unfortunately - still having to watch the clock like a hawk! 😄


HUGE fan of this request. Microsoft Teams has that "5 min remaining" notification, and that's such a helpful way to start the wrap-up process without any one person being the time cop. I'd definitely up-vote a feature request for this. I browsed the Zoom Apps Marketplace briefly, but didn't find any plugin that would do this.