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Failed to detect your microphone and speaker. Please make sure your devices are properly connected


New Asus ZenBook running Windows 11.  Speakers and Microphone work perfectly with Microsoft Teams and all other applications EXCEPT ZOOM.  I've followed all troubleshooting guidance and paid for an IT expert to investigate.  The problem still remains.  The Zoom test section for speakers returns a good result.  The Zoom test section for microphone shows that sound is being heard, but when the reply button is pressed the recording is silent.


Community Champion

Hey @Robert63 thanks for reaching out!!


Are all drivers and Windows components up to date? You can find a list of system requirements here


Hopefully this helps!


All requirements met except I am running Windows 11.


Surprised if Zoom have not upgraded to support Windows 11, as this is the platform for the majority of new purchases and being promoted for upgrades.

Hi! Did you find any solution?


Hi I'm also encountering similar issues using zoom on my Asus Vivobook after the recent update to windows 11. Can zoom look into it? My audio devices work perfectly fine with other software like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet but as zoom is unable to detect my audio devices I join audio in Zoom Meetings