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Failed to detect your microphone and speaker. Please make sure your devices are properly connected.


Every time I join a meeting or start a meeting, I get an error. 


Error: Failed to detect your microphone and speaker. Please make sure your devices are properly connected.


This occurs 95% of the time. Occurs when using laptop in-built speakers or wired headphones. No issues while using wireless earphones.


Need a solution or a workaround for this asap. I am unable to attend classes and meetings on zoom using my laptop due to this.



the same thing is happening to me too! I have uninstalled and re-installed zoom and it still does not work. And zoom is the problem because the voice recorder app works just fine. Did you find any solution?


Same thing has been happening with me. I'm unable to attend meetings or classes.


Hi.  I had the problem resolved by Zoom's Engineering support.  It was the Laptops specific audio driver that was not working.  Although when I first logged this issue the drivers had been verified, now that I reinstall the driver today things work correctly.


My Laptop is an ASUS (other models will have different driver sites - use the manufacturers site) On the ASUS driver site - be very precise about the model number.  In my case it needed to be - Zenbook 13 OLED (UX325, 11th Gen Intel).  There are many UX325 models listed.

it works for me!! I've been searching for a solution to this problem. thank you very much

Thanks bruh, helped me a lot. Was worried with this issue. Got this shitty issue recently. Tried every other way, re-installing drivers etc. I never knew about ASUS have specific drivers. Found the right model and now it works well with headphones and zoom is able to detect



yes it worked and I had to choose the 

Zenbook Flip 13 OLED (UX363, 11th Gen Intel) model

as my model only says Zenbook UX363EA. So after a second download of the Audio file from  -

it finally worked - yay! Thanks Robert63

hi, how do you know which one your computer needs? I also have an asus vivobook 15 m515

I'm afraid not easy.  Go to the driver download and search - .  If you can not see your precise model number, all I can suggest is you ask Asus directly.