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Expressway Edge DNS zone and search rule configuration


Hi Team,


Trust you are doing well,


I Have three questions, firstly:


While configuring a DNS Zone on expressway edge for on premises room sip endpoints to be able to call zoom meetings, what should be filled in next to:


TLS verify subject name

TLS verify inbound mapping - should this be On/OFF
Fallback transport protocol should this be UDP/TCP/TLS
Media Encryption mode - Should it be Auto/Best Effort/Force encrypted/Force unencrypted
The following Should be ON/OFF
ICE support
 ICE Passthrough support
 Preloaded SIP routes support

Modify DNS request

AES GCM support

SIP UPDATE for session refresh
What Kind of search rules will work here for example if i am to target a zoom meeting to be dialed from a VC endpoint
Finally, what is the process to use the Digicert certs mentioned to comply with encryption in this regard on your site
With Gratitude,

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @mujeebs373,


Apologies that you have not yet received a reply on this post! Are these all still open questions or have any been resolved on your end? I found some articles that may help point you in the right direction:

Please let me know if these help at all. 


Thank you,


Zoom Community Team
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