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Emails when someone joins a meeting


I received an email saying someone had joined my meeting.  The meeting was postponed, and all attendees were emailed earlier letting them know.


The email from Zoom said the person's name "has joined your meeting".  However, that name did not appear anywhere on my list.


I'm wondering if there is any way to find an email for this person.  I also am wondering why I sometimes receive an email saying "Your participant has joined...." and other times there is an actual name.


We do not require people to "register" when we create meetings.  Should we be doing that?  I serve a population of newcomers to the country and am trying to make it easy for them.  That is why I don't ask them to do too many things.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @FamilyResource 


If you do not require registration, your participants can enter with any name they want, or no name (basically). By default, they can also rename themselves during a meeting. 


If you do not require registration or authentication in your meetings, there is no way to capture the email address of any participant - whether they attempted to join or actually joined.


Whether you should be enabling registration or not is entirely up to you, based on your requirements. 


Hope this helps clarify.


Please post back if you still need help - or please click Accept as Solution if this answers your question.




I have the same situation in that I get a message that " a participant has joined your meeting" but the meeting they are joining is not scheduled for another week and they shouldn't be able to join. It doesn't give their name. When I get the email I start the meeting immediately to see if someone is in the waiting room (we don't allow people to join before the host) and there's never been anyone there. Should I be concerned that someone is trying to hack our account or something? It's very odd...