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Edit length of Zoom meeting chat


As of last update the ZOOM meeting chat seems to have a size limit too short for us. We post reading segments when not sharing screen. How can we increase the size (length) of ZOOM meeting chat?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @buymv, thank you for contributing to the Zoom Community!


The current limitation for the in-meeting chat is 1,024 characters to prevent server load. On a PC, you can copy and paste over the 1,024-character limit, but it will only show up to 1,024 characters. On a Mac, when you go to paste text that exceeds the 1,024-character limit, Zoom will not allow the paste.


I do agree this can be limiting in some use cases and I urge you to submit this feedback to our product teams who will review your feature request.. Here's how:


I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, 

Zoom Community Team

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Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

For many months now, I have been able to post longer messages on the chat. We use the chat to post a long list of announcements to save time during our meetings, so attendees can just read the announcements at their leisure. Why did the allowed length suddenly drop to 25% or less of what was allowed for the past several months?


PS: I am on a PC, and zoom does not allow me to paste longer messages on the chat any more. If I try to paste a long message, I get an error message. So it does not just truncate the message as you suggested.

I don't need apologies.  I need the character limit put back to what it was.  This change is ridiculous...  

There are other ways to limit throughput and server load.  Reducing the number of characters in a single post in Meeting Chat is the most feeble answer I have ever heard.  Why not increase the number of servers or upgrade other infrastructure to accommodate the OBVIOUS demand.

I need to share content with my students including images and text throughout my all day class each day.  I can still post 7 images which are 5MB each in the Meeting Chat at a time (a single post of 35MB) but I can no longer post 2048 characters at a time, which is 2048 bytes (0.002048 MB)???  Makes zero sense.

Also, it forces me to copy paste multiple times in rapid succession which is a serious pain for me but not much gain for you.  

As a PAYING CUSTOMER of Zoom, this needs to be fixed immediately.  It is a DEFECT that your engineers have created.  Whatever the intention is/was, they have broken Zoom in a critical way with this change.  It needs to be a configurable option or simply rolled back to 2048 characters, NOT 1024 characters.


I agree completely -- you need to protect your servers? how about protecting the legitimate needs of your customers?


The chat function is indispensable in our meetings. It should be easy to post a long set of instructions or readings in chat, but the character limit is a killer. Conducting the process on whiteboard or share screen is cumbersome and time consuming. Get with it, Zoom!


Is there any news on an increase in the ridiculous small character limit. All questions seem to have been ignorred



I totally agree with the above comments. Suddenly without warning from Zoom the important messages put there by my attendees are all useless. The scientists on my fortnightly meetings will all go elsewhere if I can't fix this.