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Edit attendee info


How do I correct errors and misspellings in Attendee names?

Our company has Zaps set up through Zapier that automatically register a person for meetings and webinars if they get a certain tag in Kajabi.  Occasionally those zaps pull extraneous info into the name fields in the Zoom registration depending on what might be in the client record.  By the time we realize there's an issue it's already too late - the Zoom registration has already been created.

Once the attendee registration is done in Zoom, there is no way (that I can find) to cancel, delete, edit and/or re-add it manually if the email address is correct.  Cancelling just moves the record, but the record with the correct email address is still there.

How do I edit the person's information if the email address is correct?  Why isn't there just an [Edit] button on the registration record?  There seem to be a lot of Zoom users with similar questions about editing registration records. How do we request that functionality be added?