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Duplicate Calendar meetings


Hi - just started with Zoom today. When I set a meeting, it shows TWO meetings at the same time in my calendar.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @AnthonyM need a bit more info from you! Can you share the calendar service you're using for scheduling meetings? Suggest trying to remove the calendar integration and re-setup the calendar and contacts integration

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@RN I have the same issue. Please note that I have many calendars, including two enterprise exchange calendars. I use zoom with my gmail account, but all meetings I set up get duplicated into one of the exchange accounts (always the same one).


also, when I use the zoom app to schedule a meeting and select outlook as the invite, zoom selects that exchange account automatically as the sender and though I change that to my gmail account, the invite still ends up in both. 

Lastly, I have changed my outlook settings to default to the gmail account, but that hasn’t translated to zoom.  

I tried this, when I deleted the integration it removed the duplication. But when I re-initiated the integration the same duplication returned.


I have the same problem. WHen scheduling appointments in Zoom and populating to my Outlook Calendar (in Windows), I get a duplication of the meeting. Deleting either of the meetings seems to delete the zoom meeting entirely and it ends up in the "deleted meeting" tab on the Zoom Web portal


I have the same issue. Is there a solution?  Screenshot 2023-09-21 082158.png

I was able to remove the duplication from removing the integration. I do still have some duplication from shared calendars though. 

I'll try it out now! Thank you so much!


As I looked at the connected apps now, I realized that I don't have any. I thought I had HubSpot but that's not the case. 


Steps to Reproduce:


  1. Integrate Office365 Outlook and Zoom
  2. Create a calendar event in Outlook with no Zoom link
  3. Save the event
  4. Notice in the Zoom application that there is one event
  5. A minute later say "whoops forget to add a Zoom link"
  6. Edit the original calendar event created in step 2 and using the Zoom Outlook add-in to add a Zoom Link and save
  7. Notice in the Outlook calendar there is only 1 calendar event
  8. Notice in the Zoom app there is are 2 duplicate events. 

The problem is the original event with no Zoom link is kept.

Has anyone figured out a fix for this?