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Disable blur background


Hi all,


I am using an iPad air 3rd gen, even I didn’t turned on blur or any virtual background, the background is still a bit blur, I can see the edge of my silhouette is a bit sharper… anyway to make everything sharp? Thx for your help.




Zoom screen cap vs camera snapshot 



I have no solution to suggest. I have the same issue. I KNOW my blur setting is off and have checked every other setting and cannot fix this. I have also tried other platforms and the blur is not there - Google Chat, IMovie. Interestingly, like you said, my image is crystal clear almost as if it is highly focused (like using the fstop on a camera.) But the background is blurred, but not as much as if I have the blur filter in video turned on. 


Is there a "focus" feature on Zoom that allows for the person to be more highly in focus? 


Again, I have a totally clear and focused background in other apps. It is just happening in Zoom. 


This “upgrade” seems to have no solution except when I use iPhone for zoom I can turn camera around and use the back camera. As I need to see what’s in the frame for work I have to also sign in to zoom with iPad in order to “see”.