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Concurrent meetings


I work for a refugee services organization, and we have a business account for online English classes that we teach to clients. We have multiple classes and some of them take place at the same time. Each teacher logs into our organization's Zoom account and has their own Zoom meeting ID for their class. In the past I have had issues with teachers getting kicked out of their meeting when another teacher logs on to Zoom to start teaching their class. With a business account, is it possible to have two meetings going on hosted by different individuals with different meeting IDs? Trying to find a solution to this. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Any paid Zoom account can have multiple users under the same account, each with their own scheduled meetings. If each user has their meetings scheduled under their own profile, then they can host their meetings independently and simultaneous of each other. If they are all Basic users, their meetings will be limited to 40 minutes, but a licensed user does not have this time limit. 

A business account requires at least 10 paid licenses, so if you don't have the budge for that, you can purchase Zoom Pro instead. I'd suggest speaking with Sales directly if you have more questions about plans and pricing. 


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