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Co-Host settings and 2FA


My wife and I have a Zoom Pro subscription for our company SafeCast Limited.  We tend to be in the same meeting and are therefore hosting it together on a Windows 10 desktop workstation.  However we also need to each have Zoom on our Android mobile phones so that we can dial in and connect to a meeting.  Thus , for example, we may be in a Central London office using the video conferencing facilities in a conference room which has its own Zoom email address but will be controlling the presentations and the video conference from one or other of our mobile phones when one or other of us is there. As an added complexity (but as a security necessity), we also use 2FA in setting up every Zoom appointment so I use the Google Authenticator on my phone and my wife will need to use the Google Authenticator on her phone. Additionally we also use and have an account with Otter AI to create and generate automatic live transcripts of our Zoom meetings  - this too has 2FA on our mobile phones. 


How do we set ourselves up to be  co-hosts of our meetings? How can we schedule them? I think we need to set ourselves up as some kind of Group or Group Meeting but I cannot find out how to create this with 2FA operational.   How could we be alternative-hosts? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @AliKelman  –


I assume your user accounts are together on one organizational account. If not, join them together. This Zoom Support article will help with that: 
Note the user will lose their paid accounts, but will be given the option to credit the gaining organizational account with the credit – which can be used to buy the same licenses and apply to the same user. 

Then – ta-da! – give each other Scheduling Privileges! See this article for details: 

It’s better than Alternative Hosts for the type of situation you’re in, I believe. 


Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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