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Co-Host Login Issue


Hello! My team has recently been having difficulty getting logged into meetings. I have been assigning two other team members as co-host for meetings I create. I have registration turned on for these meetings. For the last two meetings, they have been unable to get logged in as it says they are unable to register since they are hosts, but the direct link I am able to generate is still requiring them to register. How do I generate a direct link for co-hosts when I have registration enabled?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Your post leaves me a bit confused. If I'm reading it correctly it sounds like when are creating a meeting you are also assigning co-hosts to that meeting? If this is true, this is where my confusion begins, as it is not possible to pre-assign co-hosts to a meeting. Co-hosts can only be assigned by the Host from within the running meeting.

You could also try sending them the Meeting ID and Meeting Password, rather than sending them a link to the meeting.

The last idea that I'll share is to confirm that they launch the Zoom client application first, then sign-in to the Zoom client app, and finally join the meeting.

If they are not signed into the client app first when clicking on a URL link to the meeting the system doesn't know who they are, so it has no choice other than sending them to the registration page. If, on the other hand they are first signed into the Zoom client, then click on the link, it does know who they are and it can check to see if they are already registered, and if they are it can simply send them directly to the meeting.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen

Thanks for your response!

When creating or editing a meeting, there is a small link at the bottom, under "Audio", next to "Options", that says "Show". If you click "Show", a few additional options pop up, including adding alternative hosts. This is how I have historically been able to add co-hosts prior to starting the meeting. As long as the person is part of the Zoom account, I can assign them and they can enter the meeting as a co-host and they will receive an email notifying them that they have been added as a co-host. I've done it many times over the past couple of years and not had an issue with colleagues logging in. However, I think registration is what is causing the issue now.

I did ask them to try using the ID and passcode, but they said they weren't able to bypass registration using that method either. 

Thanks for the tip about making sure they're already logged in. This may be part of the issue if Zoom isn't recognizing them when they click the link. I'll check with them to see if this could work.