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Closed captioning broken on Zoom




I was in a meeting recently where I was the host and we were using the auto-generated closed captioning. About 15 minutes into the meeting the closed captioning stopped working. It stopped appearing on the screen and the transcript stopped logging new conversation.


I tried a lot of things ranging from quitting the meeting and re-joining, to disabling the closed captions and re-enabling them. I have since found out that my peers are also having trouble, but in their case the closed captioning doesn't work at all.


The only thing that has changed for us is that our Org has recently upgraded all of our computers to Windows 10 20H2. Is anyone else having this problem? Is this a known bug? I can't find anyone online who is having the problem.





Closed automated captioning has been a problem for the last two weeks. Nothing has changed on my end but sure has in Zoom. I have Pro and a desktop and a laptop. The desktop is fine now (after deleting and re-installing) but the laptop Zoom is problematic. This is an issue because I use it to teach and have for at least 2 years.


Worked with a "tech" and got nowhere. Then they ask very technical questions. I am not a technician. I can work my way about in a computer but it is my expertise.


But one of my areas of expertise is as a "Hearing Loss Support Specialist".  Those of us with hearing loss or who are deaf NEED the captions to give us a level playing field with the rest of the hearing world. It is an ADA requirement.  Not sure if Zoom realizes that!